A couple of nights ago I was fortunate to attend a pre-release screening of “Hollywood to Dollywood”, a delightful documentary of Garry and Larry Lane’s (gay twin brothers) road trip across the US to personally deliver a film script to Dolly Parton for her consideration.  As the film progressed, you could feel something special in their love for Dolly—something more than just being big fans.  One of the twins speaks to what makes Dolly special for him.  He noted that he always felt, as a gay man, that Dolly did a lot more than accept her gay fans–she embraced them.

The comment struck a chord with me.  Having posted about lovingkindness as the envelope for mindfulness practice, I had been wondering how my post would be received.  Might it seem a little forced, dry, or?  All the tricks monkey mind can play on any of us as we fall into default analysis/judging mode.  The Lane comment hit home on my intent, which was/is to introduce and teach mindfulness in a way that contains real, juicy effect and deep resonance.  “Embrace” was/is the key effect I was intending—just as Dolly’s words to the Lane twins took on much greater power and depth by her choice of “embrace” to describe her relationship with her gay fans.  Embracing lovingkindess is the juice I intend.  Awareness is not enough, acceptance is not enough, understanding is not enough.  It is through embracing lovingkindness for ourselves as if our lives depend on it (and they do) with natural, effortless extension to our loved ones, friends, communities and world as a whole that can rock our world and build a fire of intention and commitment to mindfulness practice.  May we feel this lovingkindness, our birth right, in our bones.  May all beings be at peace.

Here’s a link to the “Hollywood To Dollywood” movie web site:  http://www.hollywood2dollywood.com/default.html.  Thanks, Gary and Larry, for inspiring this post.